Not knowing whom to trust could have fatal consequences … for everyone.


Vallachia doesn’t know much…

But she does know that she loves her simple life.

This becomes even more apparent when that life is ripped from her. 

Who will care for her widowed father and younger brother? 

But she doesn’t have time to worry about that when she has to learn how to keep herself alive.

Not to mention she has to constantly thwart unwanted male attention. 

She quickly finds herself on the wrong side of a brewing battle for vampire domination. 

Live through the latter part of the Byzantine Empire and into the dark times of the Black Plague, where our heroine finds herself fighting to defend humankind. 

The only future Vallachia could have imagined, as well as her wonderfully simple life, disappears when she finds herself in a struggle to figure out the rules of a strange new world - a world that involves superhuman strength, heightened senses and inescapable bloodlust. She must make new allies and learn the ways of supernatural politics during the decline of the Byzantine Empire.  

As the pressure mounts, she faces the deadliest pandemic in history as the battle for vampire domination rages across Europe. 

This is the first installment of the Lords and Commoners Trilogy written from the viewpoint of a common girl forced to contend with powerful vampires and lords in a struggle to control the world. 

Both history fanatics and supernatural fans will love this story as it provides a fresh new look at the dark days of the Black Plague and a glimpse into the paranormal conflicts that are hidden in the shadows. 

Find out why adults, young and old, love this coming of age vampire story by downloading or ordering a paper copy today! 

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“This book was exactly what I was looking for. A breath of fresh air, as it tells the tale of a commoner thrust into a world of lords and vampires. It spans many years with many historical events, times, and places not like your average twilight telling in a high school background. I would recommend this book to anyone.” — Sanders

Of Lords and Commoners (Hardback)

  • Title: Of Lords & Commoners

    Author: Lynne Hill-Clark

    Publisher: Future Classics Publishing

    Format: Hardback

    Category: Fantasy Adventure, Alternate History

    ISBN: 978-0-9976356-3-8

    Published Date: 6/21/2016

    Pages: 388

    Trim Size: 6 x 0.88 x 9 inches