"Does the world wake from the stagnant times of Medieval Europe only to fall into darkness …Forever?” 

Vallachia knows a lot… 

Well, she should — she’s ancient. 

However, even her vast knowledge is not enough. 

Much to her surprise she still has a lot to learn. 

The enemy will not play to her strengths this time.

They will prey on her weaknesses.

This battle will not be won with a war…

She never could have imagined that her biggest struggle will come from within — 

She must learn to conquer her own mind. 

The key is to uncover the mysterious origin of the vampire race…

Which could save them all.

Vallachia and her Court find themselves in a new world, one that is waking up from the dark times of Medieval Europe. Vampire populations are under control and humans begin to flourish as a new civilization emerges. The members of the Court must adapt or die in this rapidly advancing world. They face entirely new challenges as their ancient reign comes to an end. 

This is the third installment of the Lords and Commoners Trilogy, which adds magic into the mix.

Both fans of vampires and witches will enjoy this story.

Find out why adults, young and old, love this new take on how the world will end by downloading or ordering a paper copy today! 

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“This book is a great conclusion to the series! A definite page-turner. This book covers loyalty, bravery, sacrifice, betrayal, and truth. I found myself emotionally impacted by the plot twists and found myself racing through the book praying for my favorite characters to make it out alive. This series is NOT your average vampire story, it is so much more. I highly recommend it!” 
— Jennifer 

“Wow, this is this the best of the best. I have now read all three and Ms. HIll-Clark has nailed it! She has twists and surprises in the plot that I never saw coming. This book takes us into the present times but into a very dystopian world where the vampires have triumphed over humans. Vallachia and Elijah and Teller and friends are basically powerless to change the dynamics, the chaos has spread too far and the new Vampire rulers have allowed the lack of restraint to turn even the vampire world into a stratified society where a few vampires hold all the power and wealth and even vampires are dying of starvation. But this is just the backdrop for an ever changing and unfolding plot. I could not put the book down and I read it twice in a week because there was so much action and adventure. I loved it.”
—Addicted to Books

Of Gods & Goddesses

  • Title: Of Gods & Goddesses

    Author: Lynne Hill-Clark

    Format: EPUB

    Language: English

    Category: Fantasy Adventure, Alternate History

    Published Date: 3/22/2018

    Pages: 352

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