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A Woman's World Obtains Its 1st Editorial Review


March 10, 2021

(Tucson, Arizona) We are excited to announce that A Woman's World has garnered its first editorial review from Bella Arnold for the annual Reader's Favorite Award! Author Lynne Hill-Clark is over the moon to be in the running for such a prestigious honor. Check out the review in full below:

"A Woman's World, Book 1 of the companion series to Lords and Commoners by Lynne Hill-Clark is an adventurous coming of age story. This story crafts a mythological tale that takes place in a world where women rule. A world where society is rigorously structured and where rules and traditions are followed. Baya’s life has always been predestined, but not in the way her mother has predicted. Baya studiously prepares for three trials, which she must pass in order to survive and become a woman. But, her journey will not end there. When it comes time for Baya to wait in line to become the ruler of the world, plans change. Ever since she met Vicaroy, the mysterious garden boy, things have changed for Baya and they will never be the same ever again.

A Woman's World by Lynne Hill-Clark has a plot that slowly develops throughout the book and leaves readers with a cliffhanger ending. Each character and the fictional beast is strongly developed throughout the story. A Woman’s World is a fantasy story about survival and adventure. The book is set in different worlds and vivid landscapes. A Woman's World is also about the slow burn of romance and how passion affects decisions. Lastly, it is a coming of age story that follows Baya and her path to greatness and womanhood. This story encompasses everything it takes to be a woman. I would recommend young adults read this book."
-Bella Arnold

Readers everywhere will soon be able to read and review Lynne's latest book series for themselves - A Woman's World will be available for pre-order this Spring. For those that don't want to wait that long to get in on the action can get started on the Lords and Commoners series now!

Stay tuned for the results to see if A Woman's World wins the 2021 Readers' Favorite Award! We are rooting for you, Lynne!

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