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Both history fanatics and supernatural fans will love this story as it provides a fresh new look at the dark days of the Black Plague and a glimpse into the paranormal conflicts that are hidden in the shadows. 
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Book #1 - Of Lords & Commoners

The only future Vallachia could have imagined, as well as her wonderfully simple life, disappears when she finds herself in a struggle to figure out the rules of a strange new world - a world that involves superhuman strength, heightened senses and inescapable bloodlust. She must make new allies and learn the ways of supernatural politics during the decline of the Byzantine Empire.  

As the pressure mounts, she faces the deadliest pandemic in history as the battle for vampire domination rages across Europe.  


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Book #2 - Of Princes & Dragons

The vampire battle to end all battles is coming. Who will Teller side with?

Experience the fall of Byzantium and the rise of the Ottoman Empire. The Court must make new allies if they are to prevail against the growing resistance. 

As the pressure mounts, both sides are in a desperate battle to win supporters. 

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Book #3 - Of Gods & Goddesses

Vallachia and her Court find themselves in a new world, one that is waking up from the dark times of Medieval Europe. Vampire populations are under control and humans begin to flourish as a new civilization emerges.


The members of the Court must adapt or die in this rapidly advancing world. They face entirely new challenges as their ancient reign comes to an end.


The key to survival is to uncover the mysterious origin of the vampire race…Which could save them all. 

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What people are saying:


"I have read and reviewed all three of these books separately and can only say it was truly an epic journey. Through thousands of years of vampire history it contains vampires, humans, magic, romance, heartbreak, death, lots of action, am I missing anything? Perhaps. There is much to digest throughout these pages but rest assured you will be greatly entertained as you read. There are, however, some parts that dragged for me in the beginning of the second book but I hung in there and was eventually rewarded with all the action, romance, etc., in the third book. I was satisfied with the ending as this author tied everything up in a nice little bow."

-E. Lee

"This book series is fresh and exciting in a genre overrun by duplicates plots and themes. The author does an amazing job at incorporating her story into history and at times religion. By the end of the series I found myself wondering if this was fact or fiction. I was transported through time and when the journey was over I was sad it had ended. These books are simply amazing. I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves supernatural romance novels with history and some religion blended in."


"Wow! This series was a doozie. Not only did it travel the world (Ludus to the Amazon rainforest). It travels through time (from the Middle Ages to the year 2034). Vampires have always stayed in the shadows. Anyone who defies this rule is dealt with--harshly. There is a faction, however, who feels that vampires should rule the earth. This is a theme through the books. There is also the love triangle of Tanner, Vallachia, and Elijah. What happens is sometimes slow and sometimes fast but a lot of history is covered.
This is a sweeping picture of history, life, love, blood, and death. It is a veritable masterpiece."


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About the Author

Lynne Hill-Clark was born in Colorado and raised in a small town of eight hundred people. She received a master's of science from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and graduated with her Doctorate of Psychology from the University of the Rockies. She specialized in criminology and justice studies. 

Along with her profession, she credits her extensive travels and time spent overseas for contributing to her writing material. Being an American Peace Corps Volunteer in Jordan helped her to create the world that she currently writes about, A Woman’s World. Her time studying in China and visiting family in Norway have also helped expand my world view, which of course helps my creativity.

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