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Highlighting Gender and Race Issues Throughout History and Beyond 

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The Lords & Commoners Series

Short List Finalist for the
Chanticleer Book Awards

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A Woman's World Series

Winner of the 5 Star Readers Favorite Review

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What Critics are Saying

Lords and Commoners 

This book was exactly what I was looking for. A breath of fresh air, as it tells the tale of a commoner thrust into a world of lords and vampires. It spans many years with many historical events, times, and places not like your average twilight telling in a high school background. I would recommend this book to anyone.

— Sanders

I enjoyed this book very much and found it intriguing from the get go. The characters are interesting and I grew to like and care about them right away. The book mixes historical fiction with the supernatural in a very unique way. The plot twist are unexpected and the development of the vampire theme is explored in ways that are creative, fresh and fun. I found myself staying up late to read, wanting to find out what happens next. 

— Podunovich

The series comes to a conclusion and sacrifices are made to bring back balance between humans and vampires. Definitely a page turner. The betrayals are shocking and the truths about existence really make this book amazing. 340 pages finished in a couple hours, that’s how good this book is! I highly recommend this series!

— Avg_Lady

A Fresh Spin on Vampire Tales That Will Hook You Fast!

I cannot wait to read the next one. Fast paced reading about an unfamiliar world. It seems like it could be real!

— Mbhutches

For Woman's World 

Best-selling, Award winning author Ramsey Campbell …

"An incisive and inspiring novel that wields the fantastic to convey a timely and challenging vision."

— Ramsey Campbell

What a wonderfully enticing and fantastical fantasy story! The characters were well fleshed out and relatable, and super easy to root for. The plot was well thought out and executed and I hope to read more books from this author!

— Queen S

A mesmerizing, addictive, and engaging read. A Woman’s World is the perfect first entry into a whirlwind YA Fantasy series. The novel holds a steady yet entertaining pace as the author introduces more and more elements to the world’s mythology, and the shocking cliffhanger final chapter will leave readers breathless for the next entry in the series. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

— Anthony Avina

What a marvelous adventure this book has been, a really pleasant surprise! I couldn't predict not even one twist and turn from this ride, which is a major bonus.

I can't wait to see what happens next.

— Mihaela

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